Reinforced Shuttlecocks Ltd was founded in 1928 and began producing feather shuttlecocks in Norbury, South London. Over the next 20 years the company grew to a size when it required larger premises so in 1949 it moved to a new factory in Sandwich, Kent where the warehouse/distribution is still based.

During the 1970’s high inflation in the U.K. resulted in a considerable increase in manufacturing cost.   As a consequence in 1980 a trial production was started in China where the main raw material, white goose feathers, originated.  In 1982 the whole production, using equipment and machinery from the Sandwich factory was shipped over from the U.K. and installed in its new home in Guangzhou. South China supervised by a team of R.S.L. staff from Kent.

The production has grown significantly and now using around 5000 tonnes of feathers, 35 million tubes of 12 shuttlecocks are sold each year to a market in 98 countries of the world.

Washing the goose feathers

Feather sorting

Cutting feathers to shape

Lacquer spraying to the quills

Stitching the thread support

Speed testing machines

Speed throughs